Update - Now make up to 500 API requests for free in a rolling 24 hour period!
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Create a mock API for free, no sign up required.

Get started by creating a base URL:

Why API Mocha?

Speed up development time by mocking APIs, with customisable responses and status codes

Rapidly prototype APIs before building your final solution

Download mocked requests as a Postman Collection with a single click

Make up to 500 API calls per endpoint in a rolling 24hr period. Create as many API endpoints as you'd like

Import mock rules automatically from an OpenAPI specification

Go Premium!

Here's why you should upgrade:

Free Tier

⭐️ Premium Tier ($8/month)

2 API endpoints

Create two endpoints, e.g. /pets and /products

Unlimited API endpoints

Create as many endpoints as you'd like!

20 mock rules

Create 20 mock response rules, e.g. GET /pets/dog/1

1K mock rules

Up to 1,000 rules per API endpoint.

500 requests

Send up to 500 requests per API endpoint in a rolling 24hr period.

100K requests

Send up to 100,000 requests per API endpoint in a rolling 24hr period.

Developer API

Programatically create API endpoints and rules.

AI-based mock response creator - Coming Q1 2024!

Describe the JSON response you want, and we'll great the payload for you!

Basic support

Support via email, if you need it.

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Here's how API Mocha works.

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